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Summer Berry Ice-Cream Cake


We guarantee guests will be asking for this recipe! Sweet, tart and creamy, this ice-cream cake is pretty to look at, but even more fun to eat.

Summer Berry Ice-Cream Cake – Recipe

Ice-cream cake

250g frozen raspberries, defrosted

300g candied almonds

2 litres Golden North vanilla ice-cream

4–5 strawberries, hulled, sliced

Raspberry coulis

250g frozen raspberries, defrosted

1 tbsp caster sugar

To serve

1 punnet fresh raspberries

1 punnet fresh blueberries

1 punnet fresh strawberries

50g candied almonds, roughly chopped


  1. For the ice-cream cake, line the base of a 20cm round baking pan with baking paper. Blitz candied almonds in a blender or food processor until they resemble fine breadcrumbs. Press down one-third of the crumbed almonds over base of baking tin.
  2. Place ice-cream in a large bowl and allow to soften slightly. Meanwhile, purée the raspberries using a stick blender or food processor, then pass through a fine sieve to remove seeds. Stir through the softened  ice-cream, along with remaining candied almonds. Gently combine.
  3. Position a row of sliced strawberries around the edge of the baking pan. Pour ice-cream mixture into baking tin, ensuring the strawberries stay along the outer edge. Place baking paper over the top, cover with cling wrap, then place in freezer overnight.
  4. For the raspberry coulis, purée the berries using a stick blender or food processor, then pass through a sieve to remove seeds. Sprinkle in the caster sugar and stir to combine. Refrigerate until serving. This can be made 2 days ahead.
  5. When ready to serve the ice-cream cake, remove pan from freezer, then remove cling wrap and baking paper from the top. Warm a knife in some hot water, then run it around the edge of the tin to gently loosen ice-cream from the sides.
  6. Place a plate over the top of the cake and tip upside-down. Remove baking paper from the base. Carefully place your serving plate or cake stand on base of cake and turn over again, so that the cake is now facing the correct way up.
  7. To serve, pile fresh raspberries, blueberries and strawberries on top of the cake. Sprinkle with the chopped candied almonds and serve with raspberry coulis.

A Sweet Treat

Whether you serve it up or gift it to guests, this rocky road is sure to impress.

Break 500g of dark chocolate into pieces and melt in microwave. Stir in marshmallows, coconut flakes, dried cranberries and pistachios. Pour into a square tin. Set in fridge. Top with dried edible flowers. Cut into bars.

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