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Requesting sponsorship

BankSA's sponsorship budget is heavily committed each year, with many projects agreed well in advance, however, the Bank does allocate funds annually to support smaller sponsorships and one off projects.

Sponsorship proposals involving a substantial financial commitment should be submitted before May 31 each year to allow for sufficient lead-time to consider the request in the context of budget planning. BankSA's financial year is October – September.

When reviewing sponsorship requests, BankSA applies the same rigorous assessment criteria to all proposals received. This is to ascertain if the event fits within our current marketing strategy and provides the appropriate exposure for our brand.

Who is the target audience, for example:

  • Broader community
  • Business community
  • Specific market segment(s)
  • Young adults
  • School children
  • Industry
  • Other

What is the intended outcome of this activity for BankSA, for example:

  • Brand awareness
  • Brand reinforcement (local presence)
  • Obtain new business
  • Retain existing business

As a general rule, BankSA does not support activities where we are not granted exclusivity (i.e. as the only financial institution). This usually includes all direct and indirect competitors to our business.

Activities that BankSA will not support include:

  • Political parties
  • Divisive social issues/events (e.g. Beauty Pageants)
  • Denominational religions
  • Organisations that are in the business of gambling, alcohol or drugs.

More information on requesting sponsorship support from BankSA.