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Business benefits

Imagine having money in the bank just when you need it!

You would be able to fund the takeover of that company you'd been eyeing for years, you could launch that exciting new product category you'd been planning, or you could gain a competitive advantage by offering your customer open account terms - all in a one-stop shop. That's empowering.

Cashflow finance can help meet many business needs:

Support business growth

As your sales grow, you can be confident that your cash flow will keep pace, enabling you to avoid the dreaded cash crunch. In this sense, Cashflow finance also helps businesses emerge through one of the most testing periods – the early growth phase – intact and strong enough to meet the challenges of the next level.

Purchase assets

If you need to buy major assets or are planning a business purchase, Cashflow finance can free up the funds locked in your sales ledger.

Separate your personal assets from the business

Funds from cashflow finance are generated through the current assets of your business and can be used to refinance existing business borrowings that may be secured by your personal property. Your real estate assets are then free and could, for example, be geared towards your personal investment strategies.

Tax and superannuation

Juggling the twin demands of GST and superannuation payments, with the usual business commitments, can prove a headache for the most organised of businesses. A Cashflow finance facility can give you peace of mind during these testing times.