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Opening an account - FAQs

  1.  How do I open a BankSA account?

    You can choose how you would like to open a BankSA account:
    1. Open online, it only takes 5-10 mintues. Choose from Savings accounts, Transaction accounts or a Term Deposit
    2. Open an account anywhere, anytime via your smart phone. Simply chose one of the following options:
        • go to the BankSA App and select “Open an account’
        • visit and select “Products”
        • logon to Mobile Banking and tap the ‘New accounts’ tab
    3. Call us on 13 13 76 and say "New Account" when prompted
    4. Visit any BankSA Branch

  2.  How long does it take to complete an online application?

    Depending on the account you are opening and the information we require from you, an online application should take you 5 to 10 minutes to complete.

  3.  Can a joint account be set up online?

    Yes, you can set up a joint account online.

  4.  What happens after I submit an online application?

    Once your application has been successfully submitted, you'll receive an automatic email confirming your application number and setting out the next steps. If you're a new customer you'll need to complete the process by visiting a BankSA branch to show your identification and register your signature with us. 
    Once your account has been opened, you'll receive a Welcome Pack in the mail, This contains Your Guide to Fees and Charges and Terms and Conditions and other information about BankSA.

  5.  What documentation do I need to open an account?

     Find out what information you need to provide to become a customer

    For more information, visit any BankSA Branch or call us on 13 13 76 and say "New Account" when prompted.

  6.  How do I choose an account that suits my needs?

    Before you choose a bank account, think about how you're most likely to access your money and whether you want to minimise fees, earn interest, or get a head start with your savings. For example, do you want unlimited access to your account, or do you need a cheque book? Do you need mainly branch access, or do you prefer to use electronic banking? Do you want to keep your fees low or be rewarded for saving?
    Use our handy selectors and comparison tables to choose the product that suits your banking or savings needs.

    Everyday banking transaction accounts:
    o Choose a transaction account
    o Compare transaction accounts

    Savings accounts:
    o Choose a savings account
    o Compare savings accounts

    You can also talk to us at any BankSA branch or call 13 13 76.

  7.  Why can't I apply for some accounts online?

    For some accounts, you need to provide proof of your eligibility at a BankSA branch in order to open the account. You can prepare beforehand and download most forms online.
    Customers under 18 years of age cannot apply for any bank accounts online. These accounts can be opened by visiting any BankSA branch with your identification requirements or by calling 13 13 76 and saying "New Account" when prompted.

  8.  Can I start using an account that I open online immediately?

    As soon as you have been issued with a BSB and an account number, you can begin using your account. However unless you are an existing BankSA account holder, you cannot withdraw from your account unless you have been identified at a branch. For online accounts you can't withdraw until the nominated linked account has been set up. This will require a copy of your bank statement if linking to an external account.

  9.  Can I get an overdraft facility if I am a new customer?

    BankSA does offer an overdraft facility to eligible customers on certain accounts. Find out if you're eligible when you open your account.

  10.  Can I use any BankSA account for business purposes?

    BankSA personal bank accounts are designed for personal use and cannot be used for business purposes. We have a full range of business accounts that are specifically designed for business use.

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    Important information

    Conditions, fees and credit criteria apply. This information doesn't take your circumstances into account. Read the terms before making a decision.