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Asset Access

BankSA Asset Access offers a way to use the equity in your home or investment property to maximise your investment power and diversify your investment portfolio with BankSA Margin Lending.

BankSA Asset Access has been developed specifically to help customers with equity in their property to diversify and grow their investments with BankSA Margin Lending.

BankSA Asset Access allows you to nominate a portion of your approved Portfolio Loan credit limit (available equity) as security for a margin loan. With BankSA Asset Access however, these pledged funds will not be drawn from your Portfolio Loan, so you won't be incurring any additional interest on your Portfolio Loan, you will only pay interest on your Margin Lending facility.

How to Apply

Customers with existing BankSA Portfolio Loan and BankSA Margin Loan must

Customers with existing BankSA Portfolio Loan must


From 12 November 2016, the existing unfair contract term protections for consumers will also cover standard form small business contracts. As part of our focus to continually improve the products and services we provide to our customers, we have reviewed our contracts for potentially unfair terms and we are now implementing some changes to them as a consequence of that review. Read more about the Unfair Contract Legislation (UCT) changes.


Customers with existing BankSA Margin Loan must

Please lodge your application either with your Financial Adviser or Mortgage Broker or contact us on 1300 305 172 for information on how to lodge your application directly.