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Call options

Writing call options gives you the potential to earn additional income from the investments in your portfolio.

When you write a call option on shares in your portfolio, you're selling the right – but not the obligation – to buy those shares at a specified price within an agreed time frame. In return, you're paid a guaranteed premium.

The agreed selling price of the shares (known as the exercise or strike price) is available to the buyer, should they proceed, up until the agreed expiry date. If the share price remains around the same as or slightly lower than the selling price on or before the expiry date, the buyer is unlikely to exercise their right to buy your shares. This means you keep your shares while still earning income from the call options premium – income that can be used to help pay loan interest, reduce your loan balance or be re-invested.

However, if the share price is higher than the selling price on or before the expiry date, the buyer is likely to exercise their right to buy your shares. This means you sell your shares at a lower price than the market price.

Your adviser can advise you on the benefits and risks of using a call options strategy in your margin loan account.

Applying for BankSA Options Plan

Please ensure you have read the Options brochure and Terms and Conditions before applying for the BankSA Options Plan. Note that call options can be written for a maximum 6 month term.

Approved Brokers

Options accounts can be linked to a BankSA Margin Lending facility by obtaining the services of any of the following approved stockbrokers for options trading.

If you wish to use the services of another broker for options trading please contact the Account Management Team on 1300 305 172 or contact us to request the broker be included to the approved list.

  • ABN AMRO Morgans Limited
  • Aequs Securities Pty Ltd
  • Alpine Asset Management
  • Austock Securities Limited
  • Baker Young Stockbrokers Limited
  • Bell Potter Securities Limited
  • Burrell Stockbroking Pty Limited
  • Citigroup Wealth Advisors Pty Ltd (MSSB)
  • CMC Markets Stockbroking Ltd
  • D2MX Pty Ltd
  • Deutsche Securities Australia Limited
  • EL & C Ballieu Stockbroking Ltd
  • Goldman Sachs JBWere Pty Ltd
  • Grange Securities Limited
  • Halifax Investment Services Limited
  • Macquarie Equities Limited
  • Morrison Securities Pty Limited
  • Norris Smith Stockbroking Pty Ltd
  • Ord Minnett Limited
  • Patersons Securities Limited
  • Shadforths Limited
  • SHAW Stockbroking Limited
  • Tolhurst Noall Ltd
  • Wilson HTM Ltd