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Work environment

Enjoy flexibility in how, where and when you work.

We believe in flexibility.  For us, flexibility is something we live and breathe - and we'll want you to as well. When you join us you'll be part of a workforce where flexibility means thinking differently about how, where and when we all work.

How agile working transforms offices

We believe that work is not a place that you go; it's something that you do and achieve. This is why we're applying the agile working framework to many of our office spaces.  Our workplace vision is to provide our employees with a new way of working that empowers and inspires them to achieve great things for our people, customers, communities and shareholders. We're putting our people at the centre of our workplaces and motivating them to do great things.

We’ve been on a journey to change our office spaces so they reflect an agile working environment. In many of our offices there are no fixed desks; instead our people work in neighbourhoods, with each team or business unit being allocated an area. Technology plays a huge part in enabling an agile working environment, so we're also transforming the way we think about technology and in particular, limiting our use of paper. It's all about mixing independence with collaboration, and being ok with the unexpected.

Making agile working a reality in our banks

We've improved the way we help our customers with their banking needs. Our branches allow our people to be more available and face-to-face with customers, rather than standing behind barriers.

The open and flexible layout maximises space and embraces technology, with new services including:

  • 24/7 self-service lobbies
  • iPads
  • Digital marketing
  • Video conferencing
  • WiFi
  • Transaction cash recyclers

The Bank Now design provides the blueprint for all our future new branches and refurbishments.

Every position is flexible, so anything is possible

No matter what role you have with us, we'll look at how you can do your job with the flexibility you need while achieving great things in our business. That means exploring how you can fit your job around your life - not the other way around. So no matter what you have happening in your life, your hobbies or the adventures you have planned, when you work with us you can define what working means for you.  This isn't just a gimmick - when you join us you'll see that this is how many of us choose to work.

Fitting work around life is not new for us; it's the norm. You can work in different ways including:

  • Different start and finish times
  • Working away from the office, either regularly or as you need to
  • Job-sharing
  • Working part-time 
  • Compressed working weeks

Leave options that make flexibility a reality

When you work with us, you'll find that our leave policies help you work the way you want, when you want. Our policies are designed to support flexibility in the workplace, and include:

  • 12 weeks of flexible lifestyle leave (either paid via purchased leave or unpaid) each year 
  • Two days of paid culture, lifestyle and wellbeing leave 
  • Primary carers have the choice of 16 weeks’ parental leave at full pay or 32 weeks’ leave at half pay
  • Grandparental leave up to 12 months unpaid 
  • Career break leave between three to 12 months unpaid
  • We offer as much special paid leave as needed to any of our people experiencing domestic and family violence
  • Transition to retirement support plus three days of paid leave to pursue retirement related activities 
  • Sporting leave and volunteer leave 
  • Plus, you'll also have access to the usual paid annual leave as well as study leave, long service leave and leave without pay.