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Access and Inclusion Plan

Our focus is to provide our customers, employees and community with independent and equal access to our products and services.

We’re building accessibility into the very core of what we do as part of our business purpose, Helping Australians and New Zealanders Succeed. Accessibility is embedded in all aspects of how we do business. Our holistic and integrated approach seeks to help people with disability through creating a culture of belonging, psychological safety and respect, while designing our products and services with inclusion considerations.

Refreshing our Access and Inclusion strategic plan every few years allows us to focus efforts on innovation for more accessible banking products and services, as well as inclusive workplace practices and workspaces. Measuring and tracking progress through an established governance process also helps us ask “what more we can do for people with disabilities”, whilst considering how we integrate accessibility into the way we view and manage our business.

Embedding accessibility into our DNA continues to be our priority with our new Access and Inclusion Plan for 2021-2024. We aim to close the gap and break down the barriers for those who may live with disability and/or experience vulnerability within their life - helping all succeed.

In creating this plan, we sought to capture the lived experience of people with disability through customer surveys, social media, and customer feedback, along with accessibility champions across our business - both those living with disability and those who don’t. We also used the Australian Network on Disability’s ‘Access and Inclusion Index’ benchmarking tool to measure our commitments, initiatives and change to accessibility; to evaluate where there were opportunities to improve our practices. Seeking input from a wide range of sources has helped us refresh our approach and increase relevancy to assist our customers in accessing our products and services independently.

Our commitments and initiatives have been tested and refined, and presented in this plan as having impact in the areas of:

  • Management Foundations – Ensure we have the policies, principles and processes in place to embed accessibility in all parts of our business.
  • Our Customers – Ensure our channels, and products and services are more accessible and we provide training and support for customers to grow their financial independence.
  • Our employees – Provide our people with the training and resources they need to bring their whole selves to work and to ensure they understand and meet the accessibility requirements of our customers.
  • Our Community – Provide support and opportunities for Australian organisations to increase employment development and support for people with disability.

Listen to our Accessibility Action Plan (audio)