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Are you aware of the ‘cloud’ and its potential for small business? From making operations faster and simpler to helping you keep track of your business records, there’s more to the cloud than you might think.

A closer look at the cloud

The cloud is simply a centralised place to store your data. It lets you manage your information virtually, globally and with more flexibility. It also allows you to access your data on demand, anywhere, from any device.

Why it works for small businesses

As a small business, time is money – and it’s also in short supply. Operating in the cloud increases your business’s efficiency by letting you store and share information in a matter of minutes (even seconds).

Forget piles of paper files – the cloud gives you the ease of going digital. You can store everything from workplace expenses to your taxation records, and use cloud-based tools to organise invoices, receipts and other paperwork – eliminating time and risk of error.

A great tool for going mobile

Whether your business already functions from mobile offices, or you simply want to move towards a more flexible way of working, the cloud is your perfect tool. Imagine syncing and sharing data from any location. Imagine effortlessly moving selected pieces of information anywhere. With the cloud, it’s possible.

Being able to operate faster might just give your business the competitive edge you need. Plus, reducing time spent on manual operations means you and your employees can focus their time on more important things, like delivering value to your business.

Simple, smart, safe

When it comes to sensitive data, you want to know it’s safe. Losing data can mean a big setback for your business. That’s why the cloud lets you put measures into place that automatically back up your work, and even create copies off site.

Cloud-based programs to check out

The range of capabilities of cloud-based services is incredible. From folder and file syncing to device syncing and real-time document coediting, it will have your business sharing, storing and syncing information seamlessly. There are also hundreds of cloud-based programs all serving to boost your operations.

Every business looks different and has different needs. The cloud  been created to cater for a multitude of needs, with hundreds of programs and tools. It’s also completely scalable – easily and cost-effectively changed to meet your business’s needs. Why not see what it could do for your business?