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Dispute a credit card transaction

Seeing an unfamiliar charge on your credit card statement can be very stressful. When this occurs we recommend a few simple steps to help you resolve this issue.  

How credit card disputes work

Taking these steps will enable us to help you as quickly as possible in the event that you need to lodge a formal dispute.

The first step should always be to check with other cardholders who are attached to the account to see if they made the transaction. Sometimes a transaction you are querying may be the result of a misunderstanding.

If you have an account or relationship with the merchant, we strongly recommend that you contact the merchant in the first instance, as it will often enable you to immediately resolve the enquiry without the need to lodge a dispute.

If you don’t recognise the merchant name, doing a Google or ABN search on the company name that appears on your statement could resolve your query without lodging a dispute, as sometimes merchants display their business name as opposed to their trading name. This can often save you the possible inconvenience of having your card cancelled or incurring a dispute fee charge.

However, if you have done your due diligence without a resolution, you can lodge your dispute. Please keep in mind that the credit card dispute must be within 30 days of the recorded date (statement) of the transaction. Validated disputes may also incur a processing fee.