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Reason for payment

In some countries, central banks require the reason for payment to be included in international money transfer instructions.  

When sending money to the countries listed below, you will need to select a "Reason for payment" from the list available for each country. Please select the reason that best matches the purpose of your money transfer and include any relevant details in the free-text description box.

Note the "Reason for payment" is not passed or visible to the person receiving your money transfer.  This information is collected by the overseas bank to comply with their central bank reporting requirements.

The table below details the countries that the "Reason for payment" applies.

Reason for payment     
  • Advance payables (TCP)
  • Agency commissions (ACM)
  • Air transport (ATS)
  • Allowance (ALW)
  • Bonus (BON)
  • Commercial investments (CIN)
  • Commission (COM)
  • Compensation (COP)
  • Computer services (ITS)
  • Construction (SCO)
  • Consulting services (PMS)
  • Corporate card payment (CCP)
  • Debt - loans/deposit(LDL)
  • Debt - securities (LDS)
  • Dividends intragroup (IGD)
  • Donations (CHC)
  • Educational support (EDU)
  • Embassy payment (GOS)
  • End of service (EOS)
  • Equated monthly instalment (EMI)
  • Equity/investment fund shares (CEL)
  • Family support (FAM)
  • Financial services (FIS)
  • Goods trade (GDE)
  • Information services (IFS)
  • Insurance services (INS)
  • Intragroup interest repayment (IID)
  • Intragroup loans (DLF)
  • Intragroup transfer (IGT)
  • Investment shares - income (ISH)
  • IPO Subscriptions (IPO)
  • Leasing in BAH (LEL)
  • Leave salary (LAS)
  • Loan charges (LNC)
  • Loan interest payment (LIP)
  • Loan term loans (LLA)
  • Mobile wallet (MWP)
  • Other business Services (TKT)
  • Other- transport (OTS)
  • Own account transfer (OAT)
  • Pension (PEN)
  • Personal investments (PIN)
  • Personal transfer (AFA)
  • Profit/rent real estate (PRR)
  • Purchase foreign debt security (DLA)
  • Purchase real estate - Bahrain (PPL)
  • Recreational  services (PRS)
  • Rent (RNT)
  • Repair/maintenance goods (GMS)
  • Research and development (RDS)
  • Royalties (IPC)
  • Refunds/Reversals on IPO subscriptions (POR)
  • Salary (SAL)
  • Salary advance (SAA)
  • Sea transport (STS)
  • Short term loan (SLA)
  • Technology/trade/other services (TTS)
  • Telecommunication services (TCS)
  • Travel (STR)
  • Utility bill payment (ULT)