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Benefits to selling first

Know where you stand
Know your borrowing power with funds at the ready for your next property.
Freedom to decide
Extend your settlement for more time to find your perfect new property.
Try it before you buy it
Rent before buying in unfamiliar suburbs to get to know the neighbourhood.


Use portability to keep your loan and save

Portability, also known as a substitution of security, gives you the power of choice to keep your home loan.

When selling, instead of discharging your mortgage, you keep it. You then request a security swap, changing the property held as security against the loan from your old property to your new one.

NB: Speak to home lending expert to see if portability is right for you.


Benefits to buying first

Secure your dream
Buy your dream property at the right price when you find it.
Beating a property boom
Get in early in a rising property market before prices peak.
Accessing your equity
Use home equity for a deposit or to purchase a new property. 
Manage the journey
Purchase a new property before you've sold with a relocation loan.

Things to consider before you buy

Access your home equity

Using your equity, you can apply to increase your home loan to renovate to sell, upgrade to a new property or have a deposit ready to make a purchase.  

Calculate borrowing power

Relocation or bridging loans

Found a new property but haven’t sold your old one? A standalone relocation loan or one combined with a new home loan could bridge the gap for up to 12 months. 

More about my options

Renovation or relocation?

If you’re selling to relocate, use equity or a loan increase (top-up) for renovations, while if extending to stay, a building or construction loan could fit the bill.

Building loans explained

Where are you on your property journey?

I’m still researching

From homeowners to property investors, find out what your property could be worth if you sold now, or decided to rent it out.

Search my address

I’m ready to sell

Selling but not sure when you’ll buy? You could port your loan or compare our home loan options to find a loan to suit your future needs.

Compare home loans

I’m ready to buy again

Know where and what you want to buy but taking that next step on the property ladder can be daunting. We'll guide you all the way.

Buy my next home

I’m building a portfolio

You've bought and sold many times. Now you're looking to invest or build a property portfolio for ongoing rental income or future capital gains.  

Property investor