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Estate Plan

Put an Estate Plan in place to cover your funeral expenses
  • BankSA’s Estate Plan covers your funeral expenses, legal costs and any outstanding bills if you die
  • Provides peace of mind knowing your family will not have the financial burden on your funeral
  • Provides a lump sum payment to your family within 48 hours1
  • Low cost premiums from just from just $5 a week
  • Guaranteed acceptance for BankSA customers aged 45-69

Funeral cover

  • Provides a lump sum payment to your family to help cover funeral expenses, legal costs and any outstanding bills if you die


  • Guaranteed acceptance for selected BankSA customers and their partners aged between 45 and 70 years

Low premiums

Choose from:

  • Standard Cover at just $5 a week or
  • Extended Cover from $10 a week

Easy to apply

  • No need for medical examinations or interviews, regardless of your health or pastimes

Partner discount

  • 10% discount for your partner if you apply together

Fast turnaround

  • Benefit payable as a lump sum to your beneficiaries within 48 hours once the paperwork is received

Benefit based on age

  • The younger you are when you apply, the higher the benefit your family will receive

No age increase

  • Your premiums do not increase as you get older

Free after 85

  • When you turn 85 cover is free with no premiums

Cash in policy

  • You can cash in your policy after 3 years or more

Worldwide cover

  • Worldwide cover 24/7

Easy premium payments

  • Easy payments through direct debit or credit card payment options

Your family have enough to deal with

We may not want to think about the worst happening to us, but that doesn’t mean we can’t protect our loved ones from it. Losing a family member is hard enough emotionally, let alone having to deal with the financial burden that can come with it.

When you consider that the average cost of a funeral is more than $7,500 this can have a major impact on a family’s valuable savings. And don’t forget the associated costs, such as legal costs and outstanding bills you may leave behind you.

For just $5 a week with BankSA’s Estate Plan you can have peace of mind that your family won’t have the financial burden of your funeral on top of everything else at this difficult time.

Funeral cover for as little as $5 per week 

The BankSA Estate Plan is something you can put in place yourself to help cover your family from funeral expenses on your death. The Estate Plan provides a lump sum payment on your death within 48 hours1 to your beneficiaries or estate. The benefit will help cover the expenses for your funeral, legal costs and any outstanding bills you could leave to your family.

Choose from:

  • Standard Cover - $20 per month
  • Extended Cover - $40 per month for a higher benefit level

Benefit levels are determined by your gender and your age when you apply. The younger you are when you apply, the higher the benefit.

If your partner also applies, they’ll receive a 10% discount on their premium for the life of their policy.

BankSA Estate Plan is easy to apply for with no medicals or interviews needed. Acceptance is guaranteed for BankSA customers between 48 and 69.

Need more information?

It’s important to understand what you are and aren’t covered for. For the policy details, check the BankSA Estate Plan PDS and Policy documents.

How to apply

Important information

The insurer is St.George Life Limited. You should consider the BankSA Estate Plan Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and BankSA Estate Plan Policy Document whether the insurance is appropriate to your personal circumstances before you decide to buy the policy. Conditions, limits and exclusions on cover apply, and are explained in the PDS. BankSA Bank does not guarantee payment of the policy benefits. You can obtain a paper copy of the PDS << URL TO BE PROVIDED DURING BV >> and Policy Document<< URL TO BE PROVIDED DURING BV >> by calling <<ph no to be advised>>, or visiting any branch.

1 Once the requirements to access the claim have been received and the claim has been admitted. Please see the Product Disclosure Statement  for terms and conditions, including documents that will need to be provided to us for the claim to be assessed.