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Portfolio Loan

Use the equity in your home to build your business
  • Portfolio Loan is a flexible line of credit that combines your personal and investment finances into one loan
  • Create up to 10 sub-accounts1 under your Portfolio Loan to organise your business, personal and investment borrowing
  • Borrow up to 90% of your home’s value to make other investments and build assets – including shares, investment properties or even a new car.1

Flexible loan to build wealth

A flexible line of credit for self-employed and business owners. Borrow up to 90% of the value of your secured property to purchase a home and make other investments1

10 sub-accounts

Open up to 10 sub-accounts for your investment or lifestyle needs (e.g. 1 for an investment property, 1 for shares etc), which may have different ownership structures2 to manage your tax and finances. Each sub-account has separate monthly statements.

Choice of fixed or variable interest rates

Your primary sub-account (for your home loan) is always at the Portfolio Loan variable interest rate, with a choice of a fixed or variable interest rate for other sub-accounts.

Loan term & repayments

  • Portfolio Loan is an ongoing line of credit, with flexible repayment options.
  • Pay as often as you like, but at least monthly
  • Interest applies only to the outstanding balance.

Property and vacant land

Available for property or vacant land purchase and contract builders

Great features!

Features include 24/73  access to your funds via ATMs, EFTPOS, Phone and Internet Banking, rate lock, Deposit Protect Bond and more!

For your business

Loan Amount

Apply to borrow up to 90% of the value of the secured property. Lender’s Mortgage Insurance is required if you borrow more than 80% of the value of the secured property as determined by us.


Establishment fee

  • $700 4

Additional sub-account fee

  • $100 per additional sub-account

Your choice of a monthly account administration fee or an annual fee

Monthly fee

  • $14 per sub-account per month


Annual fee

  • $200 per annum for all sub-accounts

Other fees and charges apply. See a complete list of fees for loan accounts

Interest rates

Variable Rate sub-accounts

% p.a.

Fixed Rate sub-accounts

1 year Fixed

% p.a.

2 year Fixed

% p.a.

3 year Fixed

% p.a.

4 years Fixed

% p.a.

5 years Fixed

% p.a.

How it works

  • Use up to 10 separate sub-accounts for your investment or lifestyle needs2
    • Your primary sub-account may be your existing home loan.  You can then create up to nine more sub-accounts, for investment properties or shares
    • Your primary sub-account always has a variable interest rate. Choose a fixed or variable interest rate for each additional sub-account.
  • The ownership structure for each sub-account may be different, to help with managing your tax and other finances
  • Separate monthly statements will be issued for each sub-account to make managing your investments easier.

All the features you need

Enquire online

  • Frequency
    • Choose to pay as often as you like, but at least monthly
    • Interest applies only to the outstanding balance.
  • Additional payments
    • On Variable Interest Rate sub-accounts, make additional payments at any time
    • On Fixed Interest Rate sub-accounts, make additional repayments of up to $10,000 each year before break costs become payable
    • Calculate what you could save by making extra payments

24/7 access to funds

At ATMs, EFTPOS, Internet3 and Phone Banking

Use up to 10 sub-accounts to build your wealth 

  • Open up to 10 sub-accounts to suit your investment and lifestyle needs
  • Your primary sub-account needs to be a variable interest rate.  Choose fixed or variable interest rate for all other sub-accounts.  All sub-accounts can be used for purchasing a home, an investment property or investing in shares
  • Sub-accounts may have different ownership structures to help you manage your tax and finances, but a sub-account holder must be one or more of the Portfolio Loan borrowers and any remaining borrowers must be guarantors to that sub-account2
  • Calculate how a Portfolio Loan can help you build your wealth

Easy reporting

Monthly statements for each sub-account to make managing investments easy

Increase your loan amount

Call us on 13 13 76, 8am to 8pm, 7 days or visit any BankSA branch

Choice of fixed or variable interest rates

Lock in a fixed rate

Rate lock lets you secure an advertised Fixed Rate on fixed rate sub-accounts for up to 90 days before your Portfolio Loan settles or the interest rate period on your current BankSA home loan ends5

Portfolio Loan and your business

Deposit Protect Bond

  • Use a Deposit Protect Bond instead of paying a cash deposit immediately, and keep earning interest on your deposit money right up until settlement
  • Also ideal when using equity in an existing property to finance your purchase

Enquire online

Enquire now and a BankSA home loan expert will call at your preferred time

Call us

Call us on 1300 554 004, 8.30am to 5.00pm, Monday to Friday or visit any BankSA branch

Visit a branch

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What you’ll need to apply

  • Your ABN/ACN
  • Last 12 months Business Activity Statements (BAS)
  • Loan statements for past 6 months for loans that are being refinanced with a Portfolio Loan
  • Latest account statements on any other debts or loans that are not being refinanced with your Portfolio Loan
  • A completed ‘Affordability Self-assessment’ to work out how you will meet the repayments on your new Portfolio Loan
  • If you have a joint home loan account with a PAYG borrower, they will need to meet the standard income and employment checks.
  •  Further information you need to provide to become a customer

How to apply

Important Information

Conditions, fees and credit criteria apply.

Before making a decision, it’s best to read the terms and conditions.

Please read these documents and keep a copy. You can request a paper copy at a branch.

The information on our website is prepared without knowing your personal financial circumstances. Before you act on this, please consider if it’s right for you. If you need help, call 13 13 76.

Visa® is a registered trademark of Visa Worldwide PTe Limited.

1 required on loans above 80% of the value of the property offered as security.

2 A sub-account holder must be one or more of the Portfolio Loan borrowers. The remaining borrowers on the Portfolio Loan must be guarantors on that sub-account. Any Portfolio Loan borrower who is not a sub-account holder of a particular sub-account must guarantee that sub-account.

3 Subject to systems availability.

4 Other upfront fees and costs may apply.

5 Rate lock requests are subject to our approval. Fees apply.