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Usually, acceptance of an offer, according to the terms of the offer, creates an enforceable agreement or contract.


A person authorised to act on behalf of another person in the sale, purchase, letting or management of property. A real estate agent must be licensed by the relevant authority in their State/Territory.

Additional Cardholder

The Additional Cardholder is a person to whom a card on your credit card account is issued at your request. An additional card enables an additional cardholder to make purchases and obtain cash advances on your card account. You are responsible for all transactions made by the additional cardholder on your card account.

Annual Percentage Rate (APR)

The annual percentage rate is the interest rate on your card expressed on an annual basis.


See Home Unit.


The increase in the value of an asset (such as property) caused by economic factors such as inflation, or an excess of demand over supply for that property type.

Approved Overdraft facility

An approved overdraft facility is a facility that allows you to draw credit up to an approved credit limit on your account.

ATM Mini Transaction history

A mini transaction history is a list of the last 10 transactions which can be printed from any BankSA/St.George ATM or the last 8 transactions from a BankSA Electronic Agency. Please refer to your Fees and Charges booklet for more information

Available credit

Available credit means any unused portion of your credit limit, excluding the value of any uncleared cheques credited to your card account.