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The rapid rise of mobile banking shows no sign of slowing down - so much so that BankSA have a 'mobile first' policy - that means designing banking tools for our customers using their mobile first and then adapting to desktop from there.

We asked Travis Tyler - Head of Mobile for BankSA - why he thinks mobile banking has become so popular and where he sees it going in the future. Travis tells of three key reasons for both the success and bright future of mobile banking. 

It gets you out of trouble…

Travis points out that the BankSA mobile app has the technology to help our customers if they detect trouble, whether that's if  they have lost their wallet or if they see a suspicious transaction on their card. 

"Our research before building this app showed that what people really wanted was an app that could get them out of trouble," Travis says. "So we've extended our service offering. BankSA has always been focused on caring for customers, so that's something we’ve tried to move into the digital arena".

"It's a horrible feeling losing your card or being stuck without cash. Mobile Banking goes a long way to making these problems of the past."

If you can't find your card you can use the BankSA app to put a temporary block on it - that includes both your credit and debit cards. If you find your card it's just as easy to remove the block (you can keep it blocked for up to 14 days). And if it looks like your card is lost or stolen, you cancel the card and order a replacement all through the app.

It keeps you in control...

Using your mobile means you can bank when you want, wherever you want.

Travis confirmed "that includes 'old school' transactions such as paying bills and transferring between accounts, but also a heap of new features like paying a mate by using the BankSA app to send an SMS to their phone (no need to know their account details)."

It helps you make the most of your money...

"We've got the richest capability around your details," Travis says. "That includes keeping you up-to-date with any current bonus interest rates on your account and when they're expiring - that way you'll have the option  to consider your options including moving to an account earning more interest. And if you've set up alerts - we'll be able to let you know when these changes are about to happen. You can even renew a term deposit on the go."

That's a great start. But where's mobile going?

One thing's for certain - what you can do with mobile banking is going to keep on growing - sometimes in unexpected directions. And where banking used to be something you went somewhere to do, because of mobile banking it's now something you do on the go.

Travis thinks notifications are the next big arena for mobile banking, both with our customers keeping us up-to-date with what they're up to and BankSA using what we know about you to help you out.

"One example is letting BankSA know when you're traveling. In the our past customers have had to phone up to let the bank know if they're going overseas (this is so we can keep an eye out for any suspicious spending on your card). But now it can all be done through the app - it can even be done once you've arrived."

Being able to notify customers has the potential to revolutionise the way we bank. One area that's currently being explored is through iBeacon1 technology. Currently being trialled in three Sydney branches, the technology delivers a personalised experience each time a BankSA customer enters a branch by sending a welcome message directly to their iPhone from an iPad in the branch. Customers can respond to the message or cancel it.

So why BankSA?

Travis nominates his reasons why we're the leader of the pack:

  • BankSA has always been known for putting people first – so we design our apps with our customer's needs first. That means having everything you need to do your banking in your pocket, from your everyday banking needs through to opening accounts and the ability to connect to our bankers through live chat, directly from your mobile.
  • Gesture-based design means our apps are designed to match the way you use your mobile – that means swiping for quick access, one touch transactions and the ease of signing in with just your fingerprint2.
  • We're the only bank with the mobile app capability to block both credit cards and debit cards.
  • We're rolling out ‘world firsts' – we were the first major financial institution in Australia to offer fingerprint login and it's proved to be hugely popular.
  • Security settings – it's not just about making sure no one else can get to your money (although that's important enough). We also design our apps so that you can do your banking on the go without revealing it to anyone else. And that includes making sure no one can see your balances over your shoulder when you're on the bus.
  • Global ATM locator – we'll help you find an ATM close to home just as easily as we'll help you find a Global Alliance ATM right around the world.

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