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Important information

Purpose of this calculator - This calculator is useful as a guide to show how regular saving over a short or long term can benefit you financially. The calculations to derive the lump sum amount depend on the initial investment you make, which can be a range of values specified (e.g. $0 - $500,000). It will reveal a lump sum amount you will receive according to the period of time and frequency you have specified (i.e. The calculator could provide you with options for frequency of deposits to be made by you during the term specified by you; or how frequently the interest is to be calculated). These factors would vary the result you would receive for the term you specify.

*Assumptions - The calculator assumes that all returns are reinvested for the term specified. The calculator could also provide options for you to specify the interest rate applicable (e.g. 0% - 25%), which would be assumed for the entire period specified by you for the calculation. These factors would vary the specified return for the duration of the specified period. Although BankSA considers the assumptions to be reasonable in a basic calculator of this nature, they are subject to the limitations set out here. As such, the outcome is not an accurate prediction of the future and so BankSA accepts no responsibility for any reliance on the calculator or conclusions reached by you in using the calculator.

Limitations of this calculator - The figures and formulae used within this calculator may change at any time without notice. The calculator does not take into account any fees, charges or taxation payable, which could significantly reduce the lump sum amount. Rates of return can fluctuate significantly over time and vary depending upon the type of investment. The calculator does not take into account any risks associated with the investment of your savings nor does it take into account any changes in the cost of living between now and when you receive the lump sum.

The calculator is generic and does not take into account your personal circumstances. It is intended for use by you as a guide only, and not intended to be relied on for the purposes of making a decision in relation to a financial product. Should you apply for any BankSA product, we will make our own calculations and we will not necessarily take the results of your calculations using this Calculator into account. You should obtain professional financial advice before making any financial decision.

This calculator is issued by BankSA - A Division of Westpac Banking Corporation ABN 33 007 457 141 AFSL 233714.